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Life Lessons on Regret

Everything changes, but sometimes all we can do is move forward, keep taking the next step forward, live boldly. Ted Hughes once wrote, "The only...


A New Voice for Alice?

We're always intrigued by the latest audible iterations on our favorite classics. It's even more exciting when stars like Scarlett Johansson get in on...
Gargoyles, Frankenstein

I, Frankenstein


What Have Writers Said About Easter?

Easter is one of the more memorable holidays for me, and now (with my kids), I'm experiencing a whole other side of the Easter...

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Top Thanksgiving Books for Kids

Thanksgiving is such a fun time for family and friends to get together, share food and memories, and also enjoy fun and storytelling. Of...

Libraries Lure Pokemon Go Fans

Pokemon Go is such a monumental craze that you must have noticed, even if you've yet to succumb. The fans are everywhere. They've descended...
The Lost Sisterhood

‘The Lost Sisterhood’ – Adventure

Amazons. The mere mention of this mythic group of warrior women is sure to spark (long-lost?) ruminations or fond recollections. You may recall references...

Scrooge Quotes – ‘A Christmas Carol’ Memories

When you read, re-read, or think about A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, the ending always comes to mind (how could it not), but there's...

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Top 5 Reasons to Re-Read Books

For beginning readers, the prospect of conquering even one book may seem daunting (or even impossible). As you become more experienced, you'll discover reasons...

Bestseller ‘Pocket Constitution’ – Top 3 Reasons

It's likely that most of us studied the US Constitution in Civic class. You may have even received a Pocket Constitution. Did you ever...
Schedule Reading

Schedule Your Reading List

It's not always easy to stay with your reading plan, particularly when work, home and life gets in the way. You may also find...

Banned Books

Banned Books History & Overview – #banned

The History of Banned Books A book may be considered a banned book if the work has been banned in the past. We still discuss...
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