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To Read or Not To Read (Is That Even a Question?)...

I see this picture of a man eating a banana and reading sheet music, and it looks comical... It reminds me of all the times...


To Pay or Not? Appeal for Fair Use and Books

The case has been hotly debated, in and out of the courtroom. Is it "legal" for Google to scan in all those books, and...


Tilting At Windmills? What Does It Mean?

You've heard the phrase "tilting at windmills" and you probably wonder what it means, or where such a phrase even originated? After all, you...

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What They Say About Hot Dogs? #Quotes

It's National Hot Dog Day... So, you may be wondering what's the big deal with hot dogs? Or, like me, you may be curious...
"Level Up Book Club - 7" by Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones Attribution-ShareAlike License

How To Make Your Next Book Club More Engaging

After a few weeks, months, or years, you may find that your book club has become a bit stagnant. It's not necessarily anything you're...
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn - Reading

‘A Tree Grows’ – Reading for Survival

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, by Betty Smith, fell into my hands at a time when I needed it most (though I sometimes wish...
Christmas Stories

Christmas Stories I Love to Remember

Christmas lends itself to the giving and sharing of gifts and stories. For me, the days around Christmas were always a time to snatch...

Homework Help

School Based Reading

5 Reasons to Love School-Based Reading #books

During the school year, the prospect of getting through the huge list of required books may seem daunting, but I hope you'll also find...
Schedule Reading

Schedule Your Reading List

It's not always easy to stay with your reading plan, particularly when work, home and life gets in the way. You may also find...
High School Reading

5 Tips – Juggle Your High School Reading Load

Whether you are a parent or guardian of a high-school student, or you are a student yourself, you know how easy it is for...

Banned Books

What is a Banned Book? 4 Reasons for Banning #books

A banned book is a a book that students and other readers are restricted from accessing because of its controversial (even, sometimes, offensive) content....
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